$10,000 = 2 Totes of Hope Children Sites!

2 weeks ago, when we launched our “Facebook Fans Feeding Tummies” campaign, we hoped to raise $5,000 to start a new Totes of Hope-Children site.  We were eager to see what our Facebook fans would come back with!  Today, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that our rock star fans raised $10,000 – double of what we originally asked for!  We’ll now be able to support TWO Totes of Hope-Children sites as a result of the generosity of our followers!!!!! 

This successful fundraiser follows a Facebook campaign where Natural Grocers donated $1 for every new “like” our page received.  We hoped for 500 new fans and were floored with the final result….1,327!!!!!!  We continue to be humbled by the dedication of our donors and social media fans.  What an amazing way to reach out and spread the word about hunger in our community.  THANK YOU!


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