Hunger cuts across demographics and borders, indifferent to the past or future chapters of a person’s life. Food Bank of the Rockies meets individuals in the present, ensuring that anyone who needs it gets the nourishing food they need to thrive.



Where Food Comes From

Over 96% of funding from donations, grants, and federal government allotments goes directly into our Hunger Relief Programs and supports all of the ways we attain food to distribute to our community members.

Each year, more than 18,000 volunteers help us sort, pack, and get food into the hands of our neighbors across Colorado and Wyoming. We could not do this work without their dedication and generosity!

Distributing Food to our Communities

We deploy 70+ refrigerated semitrailers to urban and rural communities throughout Colorado and Wyoming to bring food directly to where it is needed most.

The 800+ pantries, programs, and relief organizations we support through food and resources to nourish people experiencing hunger in their communities.

Specialized programming for after-school, summer, and weekend meals for children ages 18 and younger.

Monthly food boxes administered by the USDA at no cost to income- qualifying individuals at least 60 years of age.

Weekly food boxes delivered to patients who screen positive for food insecurity to help improve health and nutrition.

Looking Ahead

We are hopeful for a day when Food Bank of the Rockies is no longer needed and everyone has enough nourishing food and the resources to thrive. But until then, we will keep pioneering more impactful, fulfilling ways to meet the needs of our community members.