Every day, Food Bank of the Rockies works tirelessly to #FightHunger and #FeedHope throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

We provide more than 56 million meals to more than 593,239 individuals every year. We help feed children, families, and seniors through our various programs and ensure that everyone who is food insecure knows they can get the help they need.

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Tell us how YOU #FightHunger and #FeedHope!

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We know you're passionate about helping us #FightHunger and #FeedHope  but what we don't know is WHY?

We want to share why this cause is important to you.

Are you passionate about helping the 593,239 individuals we served in 2019 throughout Colorado and Wyoming?

Or are you wanting to help brighten the lives of children? Nearly 50 percent of our food feeds children!

Or is it that you're proud to support a fiscally responsible organization that ensures 96 cents of every dollar goes to food distribution? In fact, $1 helps provide four meals.

Or maybe you're interested in something completely different. Let us know! We want to hear from you. Tell us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Just tag us @FoodBankRockies and use #WhyIGive to tell us about what your passionate about.

You can also check out the other areas we work in to find what matters most to you.

Meet some Food Bank clients

DeAdra struggles to feed her 3-year-old son Dacian, who has autism. So, she visits a local food pantry and soup kitchen.

Felix and 27 percent of veterans admit they aren’t sure where they’ll find their next meal.

8-year-olds Angel (left) and Mateo (right) eat lunch at a summer meals program.