Birthday Bags

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Check out what Denver resident, Claire, did to make birthdays a little sweeter for Colorado kids in need.  You’re a super hero Claire!  A little effort goes such a long way!  

Garage Sale to Fight Hunger

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Check out this cool story from our friends at Hunger Free Colorado! Kids just like you can make a HUGE difference!      Seven-year-old TJ is passionate about ending hunger and decided to hold a garage sale to raise money for Hunger Free Colorado. He collected $121.71, which he dropped off at our offices yesterday. Thank you to TJ for …

7 Year Old Fighting Cancer

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Do you believe that you (a kid) can make a difference in the world?  We sure do.  We know what awesome ideas and generous hearts kids have and we’re so excited to see what you’re going to come up to fight hunger in Colorado!  Check out what 7 year old Tess is doing in her community!  Click HERE for her …

A 16 Year Old Proves that Beauty Lies Within

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Check out what this awesome 16 year old high school student is doing for special needs girls in her community.  It’s pretty amazing what one kid can do to add so many smiles to the world isn’t it?  Click Here for the story!  

Teen Magician and Humanitarian, Derek McKee Thinks Inside the Box

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If you’re just now meeting Derek McKee, you’re in for a treat. Derek, a senior at Heritage High School, has been taking the magic world by storm and gets to rub elbows with famous folks like Lance Burton and David Blaine.  Travelling the world, sharing his magic and positive energy, he’s already an acclaimed, award-winning magician. But when you meet …

5th Grader Collects Quarters

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Tyler wanted to organize a lemonade stand to raise money for those in need in his community, but the weather didn’t cooperate.  Instead, he and his mom found information on Food Bank of the Rockies’ website about our friend Kate.  Have you met Kate yet?  You can meet her here!  Tyler decided to host a Quarters for Kate drive  and …

8 Year Old Biker Making A Difference

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Check out what 8 year old CJ is doing to make a difference in the world.  He’s pretty amazing and encourages other kids to use their talents and hobbies to help others.  What do YOU enjoy doing that could be a cool way to give back?   Click here for the article about CJ!

Welcome Kids!

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  Hey kids!  We’re Chop Suey and Chop Louie and we’re pumped about our new Kung Food Fighters Kids Club!  Hopefully you’re going to join us and sign up to be a Kung Food Fighter.  Did you know that one out of every seven Coloradans don’t know where their next meal is coming from?  One of four kids, just like …