Boy in the Box Again!

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Derek McKee has been taking the magic world by storm and gets to rub elbows with famous folks like Lance Burton and David Blaine.  Traveling the world, sharing his magic and positive energy, he’s already an acclaimed, award-winning magician. When you meet him, what really stands out about Derek is his genuine, down-to-earth compassion for those who are less fortunate.  …

First Graders Help the Food Bank Provide 828 Meals!

Janie Gianotsos Fund Drive, Kung Food Fighters, Newsy

Peabody Elementary first grade classes greeted us with a warm welcome last week. Over the holidays, the three classes participated in the Kung Food Fighters Kids Club’s Quarters for Kids  campaign. The students raised $207.05 which translates to 828 meals! We visited the school to pick up the coins and had a chance to talk with the students.  When asked …

Never Too Small To Fight Hunger

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Not long ago, one of our youngest donors stopped by to drop off a contribution and tour the food bank.  Hannah is only five, but as soon as you meet her, you immediately realize she has wisdom and compassion far beyond her years.  This caring kindergartener saved her allowance and brought in $12 to share with hungry kids.  We were …

Lemonade, Goats and Siblings – a Perfect Combination to Fight Hunger

Ben Walther Fund Drive, Kung Food Fighters, Newsy

Meet Kayla, 8 and Michael, 7, Kung Food Fighters extraordinaire! This sister and brother duo attended our Kung Food Fighters Kids Club pizza party and learned about the Quarters for Kids campaign.  They wanted to help and after brainstorming with mom, they decided to spend the day at Sloan’s Lake, offering lemonade and goat petting for donations. When they came …

A Poem from Kid President

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Feeling like there’s not a lot of hope in our world?  Kid President is here to inspire you.  Keep going, keep going, keep going.   Watch his poem below. Be inspired HERE.  Kids, what can YOU do to inspire people to keep going?  

Keep Movin On

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Bad things happen.  Every day.  Kids have an amazing way to taking despair and turning it into gold.  They inspire, they pour out their hearts, they encourage and find the hope in the midst of blackness.  These 3 girls have captured our hearts.  Their voices rise like angels in this video.  A national tragedy occurred and they make the decision …

Buddy Bench

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  How many playgrounds are there in this country?  How many kids feel alone on those playgrounds?  How many parents worry about this kids being one of those lonely kids on the playground?  This little dude came up with a solution.  And we think it’s rather brilliant.  The beauty of this story is it’s simple.  If every school had a …

Dannie’s Army

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Grab your kleenex folks.  When you see what this group of elementary school boys have to say about respecting each other’s differences and showing love, your heart will soften immediately.  We should all strive to be more like Dannie and his posse.  Kids, what can YOU do to show love for kids who are getting picked on?   Watch his …