We Turn Our Heads Away

fbrockies Faces of Hunger

The intent of these photos is to capture the emotion and story of those living on the streets in the Capital Hill neighborhood of Denver. Every day these people put aside their dignity and beg for help. Without prompting for any special poses or postures, these photos give a glimpse into their lives. These photographs give us a chance to …

Mrs. Simbrion’s sons

fbrockies Faces of Hunger

Mrs. Simbrion brings her sons Christopher, Jonny, David and Anthony to a food pantry sponsored by Heart Resource Center in Aurora. This helps them get her through the month by providing staples for growing boys as well as special treats they can’t afford. Photographer: Douglas Bowen


fbrockies Faces of Hunger

As told by Nola of Feeding America during an interview in Colorado….. When we first reached out to the church where Bobby’s pantry is located, the Pastor insisted we interview this quiet, unassuming father of two teenage daughters first. In his pastor’s words, “Bobby is the backbone of the work we do here.” From moving pallets of food from the …


fbrockies Faces of Hunger

Laurie is one of the 15% of homeless individuals served through FBR’s partner agencies. She calls the Cherry Creek bike path home and is hungry most days. Going without basic necessities is commonplace for her and so many of our Colorado neighbors. Photographer: Tiffany Mulherin

Lives in Transition

fbrockies Faces of Hunger

These are portraits of lives in transition -the people associated with Denver Rescue Mission -homeless transients, program residents and volunteers. Denver Rescue Mission offers food and housing for the homeless as well as long term rehab and transitional housing programs. These men are working toward a better life. Photographer: John Walthier

Seeds of Tomorrow

fbrockies Faces of Hunger

Warren Village is a non-profit organization that assists formerly homeless, low-income, single parent families in achieving sustainable personal and economic self-sufficiency.The folks at Warren Village view their theme “Seeds of Tomorrow” from two perspectives. By planting seeds, the children learn a lesson similar to that of a fisherman. “Teach them to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” They believe …


fbrockies Faces of Hunger

Charles Alcott of Denver sits on the bank of the Cherry Creek near Speer and Lincoln. To the right of the photo is the site where Charles recently risked his life by diving into the raging water to save the life of a drowning victim. In April, a man slipped on the bank of the river and fell in. A …

3 Sisters

fbrockies Faces of Hunger

World hunger is a global problem and one usually associated with Third World countries. But what happens when you receive an email that asks you to seek out and share the stories of people in your community that are struggling with hunger? You start out on a journey that leads you to the most unexpected place – a story to …

Faces of Hunger Photo Exhibit

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When we partnered with Denver Magazine, FOX 31 and The Deuce for our Faces of Hunger Photo Contest, we anticipated a hand-full of photographs depicting hunger in Colorado. We hoped the contest would bring to light an issue many of our neighbors don’t associate with on a local level. We did not anticipate the huge success this campaign was and …


fbrockies Faces of Hunger

5 years ago, Ruth came to Colorado from Mexico with her husband and 5 children. The violence in Mexico threatened their safety and they wanted a better life for their children. A fresh start. She found a local food pantry to help them keep food on the table and decided to give back by volunteering at the pantry while her …