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FLASH MATCH: Give now for 3X the impact for Hunger Action Day.


Nick Benham

Board Chair

Patricia Person

Board Immediate Past Chair

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Erin Pulling

President & CEO

Following another year of unpredictability and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, it feels necessary to pause and reflect on the many highs and lows experienced by Food Bank of the Rockies and the communities we serve.

The sustained high need for food assistance last year can be seen acutely in the numbers in this report, particularly in the food-insecurity rates amongst kids, which are even higher than the general population. In fiscal year 2021, we distributed over 110 million pounds of food — a 34.5% increase over the previous year. There were several factors contributing to this rise in need, including the high unemployment rate and the increase in price for basic goods like gas, diapers, and groceries.

To meet this need, we are:

  • Purchasing more food than ever — spending nearly $1 million every month, more than triple our food purchasing budget from just two years ago
  • Adding new programs like FRESH, dedicated to providing raw fruits and vegetables at no cost to our 800+ Hunger Relief Partners
  • Expanding our Culturally Responsive Food Initiative, which provides culturally respectful foods such as pinto beans; teff, masa, and Blue Bird flour; and mung beans to the diverse communities we serve
  • Increasing the reach of our Mobile Pantry program, home deliveries of EverGreen Boxes™, and support to Hunger Relief Partners
  • Joining fellow hunger-relief organizations in advocating for better access to federal nutrition programs and providing education so that critical food assistance can reach those in need with fewer barriers

All of these initiatives align with Food Bank of the Rockies’ recent rebranding. More than just a new look, our rebranding embodies our mission to ignite the power of community to nourish people facing hunger. We do this through our programs, partners, volunteers, staff, and generous donors throughout Colorado and Wyoming. For a community to thrive, every member must have the resources they need to flourish. We work daily to provide equitable access to proper nourishment for all: no matter where they live or what circumstances life has thrown their way.

As the past 20+ months have shown us,  hardship can strike any of us at any time. And it is through the power of community — all of us, together — that we can help each other thrive.

Nick Benham​
Board Chair

Patricia Person
Board Chair Immediate Past

Erin Pulling
President & CEO

Individuals Projected To Be Food Insecure In 2021


Fueling Learning and Hope

Eight-year-old Serenity attends a Denver Public School where over 70% of the students qualify for free-or-reduced lunches.

The school participates in Food Bank of the Rockies’ Totes of Hope™ program, which provides food for kids to take home with them on the weekends. Serenity is both a Totes of Hope™ helper and recipient.

“I like helping pack the bags and having snacks for the drive home and the weekend,” Serenity said. “I especially get excited when there is fruit in the bag!”


Totes of Hope™ Recipient

Pounds of Food Distributed & Equivalent Meals

Pounds of Food Distributed
& Equivalent Meals


Sustaining Donor

Providing Support and Nourishment

Tina has worked for Denver Human Services for 30+ years and felt encouraged to donate to Food Bank of the Rockies after hearing about her clients’ positive experiences with the Food Bank.

“They were so appreciative of the food they received,” Tina recalled. “They talked about how fresh everything was and how much they enjoyed it.”

While volunteering at Food Bank of the Rockies’ 45th Avenue Distribution Center, Tina saw that quality firsthand. “The food you all give out is tremendous. I really believe in what you do and appreciate it.”


Our fiscal year 2021 audited financial reports will be available online in January 2022. To access financial reports from recent years and our upcoming FY21 report, please visit: foodbankrockies.org/about/financials

Serving with Dedication and Compassion ​

James started volunteering with Food Bank of the Rockies in 2016, and has been an integral part of our organization ever since. 

“I was raised in a way that if you are blessed, you should do something to help others. Practice what you preach,” James said.

He does just that on the loading dock, where he assists with everything from sweeping to loading food into the trucks of Hunger Relief Partners. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of the community food providers. They are real heroes.”



Total Hours Donated
by Volunteers in FY21


Food Bank of the Rockies relies on the experience and dedication of so many people. To meet our board of directors and leadership team, please visit foodbankrockies.org/about/leadership

Looking Ahead

The trials of 2021 were many, but so, too, were the opportunities to meet those challenges head-on. It is with this momentum and determination that we look ahead to 2022 with one mission in mind: To ignite the power of community to nourish people facing hunger.

Your continued support is critical in the fight against hunger. Together, we can help provide nutritious food to everyone experiencing hunger. Together, we can take the next step toward ending food insecurity in Colorado and Wyoming. Together, we can.

Board Members

Serving as of November 2021


Nick Benham

Christina Bowen
Vice Chair

Jack Pargeon

Gordon Banks


Dan Ball
Garry Beaulieu
Dana Benfield
Errol Brown
Reid Galbraith
Kayla Garcia
Deborah Joa
Nick Morris
Ethan Nkana
Katie O’Connor
Melissa Osse
Raju Patel
Patricia Person
Bart Pugh
Tiffany Todd
Michael Tousignant
Douglas Wilhelm

Full Report

Inspired to learn more? Check out and download our full annual report by visiting this link.

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Child eating lunch


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