Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies

Located in Mills, Wyoming, the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies serves all 23 counties of Wyoming with the help of our 240 hunger relief agency partners! In the past year, just over 8 million pounds of food was distributed to more than 70,000 of our Wyoming neighbors.

Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies is Wyoming’s food bank. With more than 10,000 volunteer hours as the driving force behind the success of our programs, we are working to end hunger in Wyoming.

Please consider becoming a part of the effort to end hunger in Wyoming by supporting WFBR: donate food, funds, or time. You CAN make a difference.

For $1, you can provide four meals. Your support provides needed nourishment to those less fortunate.

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Wyoming Hunger Facts

About 1 in 12 Wyoming citizens struggles with putting enough food on the table.

39% of Wyoming children qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. (That’s almost 26,000 children). These are the children of the working poor. Those who are not unemployed but who are not making enough income to cover all their expenses.

13% of Wyoming children live in families with incomes below the poverty threshold and 31% live in families with incomes less than twice the federal poverty threshold (www.nccp.org 2009)

9.4% of people in Wyoming live in poverty (Food Research and Action Center, 2009)

6.2% of Wyoming seniors live in poverty