Virtual Games & Fun Stuff

Hey kids! It’s time to play!

Chop Louie, Chop Suey and our friends at our The Art Institute have been working hard on developing fun stuff for our Kung Food Fighters!  Soon, you’ll find virtual games on this page for you and your friends to download and play.  In the meantime, check out the activities below to get you started. 

Kung Food Fighters Word Search

Kate Activity Book

Kung Food Fighters Activity Book 

Puppets:  Check out the “Ways for Kids to Fight Hunger” document for Hunger Fighting Puppet ideas!

 Sesame Street has an awesome website with “Food for Thought” videos and activities.  Check it out! 



Chop Louie and Chop Suey are excited to fight hunger and feed hope with you. Join the club and become a Kung Food Figher TODAY! It’s free!