Kids Fighting Hunger

 Hey kids! We’re so glad you’re here!

Did you know that 1 out of every 4 kids in Colorado are hungry?  These kids have houses, moms and dads with jobs and they go to school just like you.  Unfortunately, they just don’t have enough money to pay their bills, fill up their car with gas and buy food.  Hunger is invisible but it affects kids in your neighborhood and even in your school.  Click HERE for more facts about hunger in Colorado and how Food Bank of the Rockies helps.  YOU CAN HELP TOO!  Join Chop Suey and Chop Louie and become a Kung Food Fighter today!

Below are links to ideas and activites YOU can do to make a difference for kids and families in Colorado.

Meet Kate.  She’s a kid just like you but her dad lost his job and her family can’t afford to buy food.

Hungry KateWatch her video!

Fun Kate activities

Kate Puppet



Learn about tons of fun & easy ways KIDS can fight hunger!  

For our older Kung Food Fighters – Learn about tons of fun and easy ways older STUDENTS & TEACHERS can fight hunger!


Read Chop Suey & Chop Louie’s hunger fighting blog!  They share cool stuff kids around the world are doing to give back in their neighborhoods! You can submit stories you think are inspiring and we’ll share them on the blog.

Fun Kung Food Fighting Activities!

Do you want to organize a focused food/fund drive?  It’s a fun way to get a lot of people involved in fighting hunger!


Chop Louie and Chop Suey are excited to fight hunger and feed hope with you. Join the club and become a Kung Food Figher TODAY! It’s free!


Check out these awesome resources that encourage youth to volunteer around the USA and the world!