Kids Fighting Hunger

Hey Kids! We’re So Glad You’re Here!

Did you know nearly 1 out of every 4 kids in Colorado are hungry?  These kids have houses, most of their parents have jobs and they go to school just like you.  Unfortunately, don’t always have enough money to pay their bills, fill up their car with gas and buy food.  Hunger is invisible but it affects kids in your neighborhood and even in your school.

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What Can YOU Do to Help Us Fight Hunger?

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Fact Sheet on Hunger and Food Bank of the Rockies

Why don’t we list hosting a non-perishable food drive here?

Food Bank of the Rockies is a pretty amazing shopper and gets food donated from large grocery stores, manufacturers, farmers and restaurants. Sometimes we buy food, but we can purchase at the same cost the groceries do because we buy food by the truckload. Since we can stretch a dollar to become four meals or five pounds of food, we encourage you to consider donating even a very small amount of money. Each quarter becomes a meal (more than a pound of food ) and our Quarters for Kids page has lots of ideas on how you can raise a few dollars to help and even have fun or help others while you do it.

We also encourage you to clean out your pantry twice a year and donate nutritious, non-perishable  food you are not going to eat to the 9Cares Colorado Shares food drive, held in June and November each year. We never want to see good food go to waste, and this is the best way to donate food you’ve already purchased.  But instead of going to the store and buying food to give to us, if you let us do the shopping, your hard-earned funds will go so much further to help our hungry neighbors.


Chop Louie and Chop Suey are excited to fight hunger and feed hope with you. Join the club and become a Kung Food Figher TODAY! It’s free!