Gettin’ Social

 Hey Kung Food Fighters, Let’s Get Social!

Chop Louie and Chop Suey heard that kids think technology is pretty cool.  And they agree!  There are so many ways that we can share interesting, fun and helpful information with each other through social media.  We’d love for our Kung Food Fighter Kids to follow us on our Pinterest and YouTube pages.  You can also post to the Food Bank of the Rockies Facebook page.  And don’t forget to subscribe to Chop Suey and Chop Louie’s blog too!

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Kids, upload cool videos you take or videos you find about kids doing good things in their communities to YouTube!  Just tag Food Bank of the Rockies and we’ll share it on our page!  Or email your videos and photos to us and we’ll share them on our pages.  If you share your Pinterest page and YouTube channels with us we’ll follow you!

Kung Food Fighter Girl

Kung Food Fighter Boy