Cash in Your Coins

Congrats on earning all those shiny Kung Food Coins! 

How can our Kung Food Fighters earn Kung Food Coins?  Lots of ways!!!!  Chop Suey and Chop Louie encourage our members to do good in their communities and want to reward kids for all the great things they do.  We’d love to see your hunger fighting pictures, videos, read your stories and learn about all the creative ways you are making a difference for our neighbors in need. 

How to earn Kung Food Coins:

  • All members earn 2 free coins simply be registering for the club!  
  • Submit a story or video about kids giving back in the community from anywhere in the world that we can share on our blog = 3 coins
  • Submit a story about YOUR hunger fighting activities or other good works you’re doing in the community = 5 coins
  • Submit a story AND photos from YOUR good deeds = 8 coins  Please have Mom or Dad fill out our Photo Release form!
  • Submit YOUR hunger fighting video here or through tagging Food Bank of the Rockies on YouTube  = 12 coins  Fill out our Photo release!
  • Organize a food/fund drive and tell us about it here= 12 coins
  • Do a presentation for your class at school about hunger & have your teacher tell us about it= 20 coins
  • Deliver the food/funds you raise and take a tour of Food Bank of the Rockies.  Contact us to arrange a time! = 20 coins
  • Talk to your teacher, coach, church about the club and have them sign your group up with us = 20 coins
  • Help start/organize a school wide assembly about hunger or a school wide food/fund drive = 30 coins

Kung Food Prizes:

  • Tatoos of Chop Suey & Chop Louie (one of each) = 5 coins
  • Kung Food Fighters Magnetic Notepad = 10 coins
  • 50% Admission to any Colorado Jumpstreet location = 10 coins
  • Kung Food Fighter Rubber Bracelet = 15 coins
  • Glow in the dark Kung Food Fighter Yellow YoYo = 20 coins
  • Food Bank of the Rockies Sunglasses = 20 coins
  • Two passes to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science  (115 available as first come first serve)= 25 coins
  • One full access pass to Adventure Golf & Raceway (20 available as first come first serve)= 25 coins
  • One pass to Water World (20 available as first come first serve)= 30 coins
  • A Family Pass to the Colorado Railroad Museum (50 available as first come first serve)= 40 coins
  • Family 4 Pack to any Colorado Jumpstreet location, good for one hour of full access (25 available as first come first serve) = 40 coins
  • Birthday party for up to 6 kids at any Colorado Jumpstreet location (2 available as first come first serve) = 50 coins
  • One night stay for a family of four at Vail Cascade (5 available as first come first serve)  = 60 coins

IMG_9935 IMG_9944   IMG_9947    IMG_9940

How do Kung Food Fighters arrange to claim their prizes?  We’ll keep track of how many coins Kung Food Fighters earn and when you’re ready to pick a prize, CONTACT US with your name and the prize you’d like and we’ll put it in the mail!  Go Kung Food Fighters!