Kung Food Fighters

Hey kids!  We’re so glad you’re here. We think kids are AWESOME!

Chop Louie, Chop Suey & all of us at Food Bank of the Rockies are excited to share the Kung Food Fighters Kids Club with you as a way to encourage you to fight hunger in your communities!  One of the cool things about this club is providing kids like you with activities and information that will empower you to see your potential for making a difference in the world around you.  It doesn’t matter is you’re four years old or a senior in high school.  We need all of you to help us fight hunger and feed hope.

Did you know that 1 out of every 4 kids in Colorado don’t know where their next meal will come from?  Click HERE for more facts about hunger in Colorado and how Food Bank of the Rockies helps!  Hunger hurts and we can all do our part to help our neighbors in need.  We hope you’ll become a Kung Food Fighter today and tell your friends, siblings, cousins and classmates to do the same!  We can’t wait to fight hunger with you!  Check out all the fun stuff on this site and share your ideas with us!


Chop Louie and Chop Suey are excited to fight hunger and feed hope with you. Join the club and become a Kung Food Fighter TODAY! It’s free!

Kung Food Fighters’ AWESOME Hunger Fighting Partners!