Faces of Food Bank: Meggan

Meet Meggan.  She’s relatively new to our food bank family and can be found smiling and chatting with agencies at the agency order window.  Meggan processes orders and invoices for partner agencies and assists with all order related questions.  Before she began her career at FBR, she worked with the Peace Corp in West Africa for two year where she met her husband.  As a kid, Meggan dreamed of designing roller coasters but developed a passion for the non-profit sector.  She appreciates the business savvy nature of our organization, the active atmosphere and working directly with volunteers and agencies.  We're thrilled that she moved from intern status to full time employee!

Faces of Food Bank: Jed

Jed is a culinary expert, assisting with meal preparation in our King Soopers Community Kitchen.  He works with our Chef/Culinary Manager, Paul, and with volunteers on a daily basis and follows meeting industry standards for proper product handling, storage, sanitation requirements and inventory levels/control.  Jed joined the staff after spending time as a volunteer.  He appreciates the low to no stress environment at FBR and loves working for a fabulous cause that focuses on the community and cooperative efforts.  Jed dreamed of being an architect as a child and now dreams of touring Romania’s mountains and caves.  He’s an outdoorsman, partaking in hiking, biking, skiing and photography and craves English toffee ice cream.     

Faces of Food Bank: Kelyn

Kelyn is one of our staff responsible for working directly with our 1,000+ agency partners.  Our agencies are on the front lines of hunger and Kelyn works hard at scheduling site visits and updating agency information internally.  You can find Kelyn near the agency order window in the heart of our Denver warehouse.  She once thought she’d work with animals for a living, but her desire to speak Spanish lead her to the non-profit sector.  She spends her free time running and skiing and dreams of backpacking through Europe someday.   

Faces of Food Bank: Tom

Our friend Tom’s days include the massive task of managing government programs for FBR.  He is responsible for all aspects of administering CSFP, TEFAP and SLP programs in accordance with USDA and state guidelines.  In addition, he completes all documents necessary for compliance and reimbursement.  Sounds complicated right?  It is.  You can find Tom and his hard working staff at our Nome Street warehouse location, just 5 minutes from our main warehouse.  Growing up, Tom dreamed of hanging out on the back of a garbage truck but changed those vocational goals as he got older.  He now plays bass in a band, owns 2 horses and 2 dogs and craves chicken mole on a regular basis. 

Faces of Food Bank: Doyle

Doyle came out of retirement and joined the food bank family as the master of accounts receivable, reconciling donations and deposits and disbursement and reconciling the important petty cash fund.  Doyle didn’t envision himself as a numbers man growing up, but his Formula 1 racing dreams didn’t exactly pan out.  Some of Doyle’s very favorite things are Italian food, sleeping in and the beautiful Colorado climate.  You can find Doyle in his little corner on our first floor.     

Faces of Food Bank: Kristina

It only seems appropriate to introduce Kristina during our week of all things "Sakic."  Kristina is our event queen.  If an event needs organization, planning, coordination or implementation, Kristina is leading the pack.  She's the master at making things look pretty and raising money in the process.  Kristina also sits on our Social Media team and heads up our Associate Board.  When she’s not out managing events, you can find her on the second floor of our Denver warehouse.  Kristina found her way to Colorado when she saw gorgeous photos of the flatirons surrounding CU-Boulder, her alma martar.  She loves Colorado and the opportunity to make things beautiful all while making a difference in our community.     

A Tour of Food Bank of the Rockies

Have you toured our facility?  If not, many people don't have a clear picture of what exactly happens behind the scenes at our Denver warhouse.  We'd love to tour you in the future, but in the meantime, the staff at FBR is thrilled to invite you a glimpse inside our world of fighting hunger and feeding hope!  Check out this AWESOME video from our friends at Black Diamond Media Productions!  It's worth 3 minutes - we promise!

Check out the video HERE! 


Faces of Food Bank: George

Friendly George is rarely seen on FBR grounds as he spend most of his days in the FBR van, delivering commodity food boxes to home bound seniors.  With over 300 seniors served per month, George keeps busy  taking notes on his routes for better efficiency as well as offering excellent customer service to help grow our Commodity Supplemental Food Program for seniors.   George grew up with dreams of being a football player, but is incredibly proud to work with the clients we serve and spends his spare time with his wife and six grand kids.

Faces of Food Bank: Kim

As the Vice President of Development, Kim knows the ins and outs of fundraising like the back of her hand.  She’s responsible for the overall planning, implementation, supervision, coordination and evaluation of all fund developing staffing and activities.  She focuses on major gifts, endowment and capital needs for the organization.  You can find Kim and her contagious laugh on the second floor of our Denver warehouse. Kim loves the Colorado mountains but would move to Hawaii in a heartbeat.  She has been with FBR for 16years and loves the fact that she goes home feeling really good about what she does for a living.    

Faces of Food Bank: Jerry

Our friend Jerry can be found either behind the wheel of a FBR truck or hustling around our Denver warehouse, loading and unloading product from trucks, keeping accurate driver route logs, maintaining equipment, assisting with inventory control, pulling agency orders, stocking and other related administrative tasks.  As a kid, Jerry dreamed of becoming a pro basketball player, but while he works on that dream, he’s happy serving our clients and providing food assistance for those in need.  Jerry grew up in a huge family with 7 sisters and 5 brothers and claims spaghetti to be his meal of choice.