Faces of Food Bank: Mike & Linda


This face of food bank is a variation from the norm.  Meet Mike.  He served on the FBR board of directors for six years and made a positive impact on our organization in so many ways.  We value him as a donor of time, funds and resources!  It was awesome catching up with him and his lovely wife, Linda, at the Panerathon last month.  Check out what they've been up to and why the Panerathon is so important to them!  Way to go Mike and Linda!


Faces of Food Bank: Dex


Dex and his friendly nature can be found in our warehouse, working as an Operations Assistant.  He's responsible for entering all donated pounds received from major donors such as King Soopers, Target, Sam’s Club & Wal-Mart stores, as well as smaller donors & walk-ins dropping off Food Drive product.  Dex also uploads photo’s to our shopping list website which Agencies place orders from. Growing up, Dex dreamed of becoming a Sportscaster but he's grateful for the opportunity to give back and help people in need every day.  Some day you'll find Dex vacationing in his dream location, Hawaii.  And he'll probably be dining on Mexican food - his favorite culinary category.  We're glad to have you on our team Dex! 



Faces of Food Bank: Shar

Shar can be found in the midst of our inner warehouse office space.  She’s responsible for the overall coordination, responses and filing of incoming/outgoing documents and correspondence in our Nutrition Network.  Shar also performs site reviews as needed.  You can find her reading, knitting, singing and hanging out with her family and grandkids outside the office.  She’s proud to be serving hungry children through FBR, despite her childhood dreams of becoming a singer.  Someday, you’ll find Shar on a cruise to Panama with her kids and grandkids.  Do you know what a fiddle head is?  It happens to be one of her favorite delicacies.    



Faces of Food Bank: Adena

Adena is responsible for working directly with our 1,000+ agency partners.  She works hard at recruiting new agencies, monitoring current agency compliance with food safety certification, coordinates product recall info and many more agency... related tasks.  You can find Adena near the agency order window in the heart of our Denver warehouse.  One of her favorite aspects of working at FBR is the integrity and commitment of our staff in getting food to our neighbors who need it.  She loves reading biographies of international figures and hanging out with her niece and nephew.  It’s her dream that someday you’ll find her spending a month exploring Rome.

Faces of Food Bank: Sheryl


Sheryl is responsible for all functions related to our Kids Café program, After-School Snacks, Kids and Senior Totes of Hope and all other programs of the Nutrition Network Department that may be developed.  She can be found in the inner depths of our warehouse facility with her dedicated staff.  Sheryl always dreamed of becoming a mother and is thrilled to be able to enter the “grandma phase” of her life as well as work with children as part of her profession.  Her next dream is to vacation at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas but will settle for ATV camping with her family in the meantime.

Faces of Food Bank: Marshall



Marshall is our money man.  He oversees accounting, budget, human resources, administration, treasury, audit activities and IT.  You’ll find him on our first floor, in and out of the offices of his hard working staff. Marsh visited many fire stations growing up in hopes to become a fireman (or an FBI agent) but is very happy with the work he does helping people in need.  He’s passionate about scuba diving and longs to visit the Galapagos Islands someday.

Faces of Food Bank: Brandy

Brandy works in our Nutrition Network and did a remarkable job coordinating last summer's food program for kids. Working with a very tight deadline, she  completed all the paperwork, staff and volunteer training, set-up, distribution and monitoring to get 25 additional summer food sites up and running. Her efforts to help fill more hungry tummies were deservedly recognized by the Colorado Department of Education who nominated Brandy for the White House Champion of Change Award. Brand has been very modest about this nomination.

“Even though it was a lot of work to get the additional sites set up, it was worth it,” says Brandy.  “I have three kids and can’t imagine them without a meal. I’m just doing my job. It’s all about opening more meal sites so more kids can eat.”

Brandy asked a little girl at one of the sites what she liked best about her lunch.  The little girl told her she liked the milk because “we don’t have milk at home.”   Stories like this keep Brandy and her team motivated.

Brandy was recently promoted to Distribution Supervisor for all Nutrition Network programs.  She has a lot of new tasks on her plate, but we’re sure she can handle it. Congratulations Brandy, on this outstanding nomination and your new position. We appreciate you!

Faces of Food Bank: Meggan

Meet Meggan.  She’s relatively new to our food bank family and can be found smiling and chatting with agencies at the agency order window.  Meggan processes orders and invoices for partner agencies and assists with all order related questions.  Before she began her career at FBR, she worked with the Peace Corp in West Africa for two year where she met her husband.  As a kid, Meggan dreamed of designing roller coasters but developed a passion for the non-profit sector.  She appreciates the business savvy nature of our organization, the active atmosphere and working directly with volunteers and agencies.  We're thrilled that she moved from intern status to full time employee!

Faces of Food Bank: Jed

Jed is a culinary expert, assisting with meal preparation in our King Soopers Community Kitchen.  He works with our Chef/Culinary Manager, Paul, and with volunteers on a daily basis and follows meeting industry standards for proper product handling, storage, sanitation requirements and inventory levels/control.  Jed joined the staff after spending time as a volunteer.  He appreciates the low to no stress environment at FBR and loves working for a fabulous cause that focuses on the community and cooperative efforts.  Jed dreamed of being an architect as a child and now dreams of touring Romania’s mountains and caves.  He’s an outdoorsman, partaking in hiking, biking, skiing and photography and craves English toffee ice cream.     

Faces of Food Bank: Kelyn

Kelyn is one of our staff responsible for working directly with our 1,000+ agency partners.  Our agencies are on the front lines of hunger and Kelyn works hard at scheduling site visits and updating agency information internally.  You can find Kelyn near the agency order window in the heart of our Denver warehouse.  She once thought she’d work with animals for a living, but her desire to speak Spanish lead her to the non-profit sector.  She spends her free time running and skiing and dreams of backpacking through Europe someday.