Karen_McManusFood Bank of the Rockies (FBR) wants to make sure nutritious food ends up feeding hungry people, not thrown away in landfills. Thanks to a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation, FBR has some extra help. The funds from the grant allowed us to hire a Retail Store Donation Coordinator.

Karen McManus, recently hired for this new position, will work with food retailers and grocery stores in the community to encourage and secure donations of nutritious food that would otherwise be wasted.

In fiscal 2014, FBR’s Denver’s Table Food Rescue program was able to distribute more than 9.7 million pounds of food collected from retailers. More than 5 million of those pounds came from Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. With McManus on board, the food bank hopes to increase the pounds donated from all our retail donors. Karen will work to educate store personnel on the program, the Good Samaritan Law that protects food donors from liability, as well as important food safety guidelines for donations.

1 in 7 Coloradans and nearly 1 in 4 Colorado kids live in food insecure households.  Ensuring food that can help these hungry neighbors doesn’t go to waste is so important for these families.  Food Bank of the Rockies is grateful for the support of the Walmart Foundation and all the retailers who contribute to the success of Denver’s Table Food Rescue.




A new group of volunteers helped us ring in Warehouse Wednesday this week.  A team of hardworking employees from the newly formed Ardent Mills sorted food, filled orders and even paired up some donated crutches.


Ardent Mills, the largest flour miller in the U.S., combines the operations of ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling, a joint venture of Cargill Inc. and CHS Inc.

Our food bank has benefited from contributions of food and funds from these organizations for many years, so when the new venture selected Denver for its headquarters, we were very excited. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Dye, Ardent Mills CEO, who shared his thoughts about how the organization plans to give back to our community.

We’re so grateful for our new neighbor, Ardent Mills and their commitment to help us feed the community.  Thank you to all the team members who rolled up their sleeves and volunteered with us. Welcome to Denver. We looking forward to many more opportunities to work together!


Summer Hunger? CenturyLink “Can” Help!

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In 37 states across the country, CenturyLink team members were brainstorming  ways to make summer a little brighter for their hungry neighbors, through the 2014 CenturyLink Backpack Buddies Food Drive, Denver area employees participated in the 3rd Annual CenturyLink Can-Sculpture Challenge.  Teams were asked to create designs around the theme of “Front Range Food Fight” (Colorado landmarks made out of food). 4 teams participated and the winning design, the Bronco's stadium, was selected based on employee votes. CenturyLink will make a donation in the amount of $1,000  to Food Bank of the Rockies in recognition of the winning team.

IT Can Rock Hunger 3

Instead of purchasing food at retail for their challenge, the teams worked with Food Bank of the Rockies to stretch their dollars further, using funds to “purchase”  most of their can structure food from us. They also set up a virtual food drive to collect additional funds,  with every dollar contributed totaling five pounds of food.


Pulling Together for Hunger Blog

Every year, CenturyLink holds a company-wide summer food drive to an effort to fight childhood hunger in the communities where they live and work.  They realize summer is a crucial time for many community food banks with children out of school, without access to school hosted food programs and many families struggling to put food on the table.

The CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams foundation is graciously matching to local food banks, $1.00 for every pound of food donated this year, up to $1 million company-wide.

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Red Rocks, the 1801 California tower, Bronco’s Stadium (the winning structure) and a train, complete with dry ice “smoke” and a light competed this year.

Thank you CenturyLink for helping us feed hope this summer!

Thank You Buckley Air Force Base!


Not only are these brave men and women serving their country, they’re also serving their community. Today in our warehouse, team members from the base volunteered to pull food orders, an important task to help us get food to our partner agencies and neighbors in need.

Pulling orders is a bit like shopping at a discount food warehouse. Items are listed on a pick-sheet and marked with the row, space and quantity requested. Volunteers locate the items and place the cases on pallets to be tagged and shrink wrapped when completed. It takes a bit of muscle, a bit of patience and a big heart. Wayne, one of the Buckley volunteers, informed us the base focuses on jobs, community involvement and significant self-improvement – i.e. the Whole Person Concept.


The Buckley team volunteers several times a year; they have donated more than 3,000 hours and are always incredibly hardworking. We are so grateful to these kind-hearted servicemen and women for their service to their country and their volunteer service to our community and Food Bank of the Rockies.


Thank you Buckley Volunteers! We think you’re awesome!

School is out and summer lunches are served!


Food Bank of the Rockies will be providing nutritious lunches to kids across our service area all summer. We’re supplying food for more than 70 sites, to kids who might not otherwise have enough healthy food at home.


Kids munched on hamburgers or sandwiches, strawberries, sweet potato fries, salad and milk at College View Elementary, while being entertained by Miles, the Denver Broncos mascot. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Bronco Alumni, Ed McCaffrey, Darlene Barnes from the USDA and Tami Anderson from Western Dairy Association presented at the event.


Food Bank of the Rockies provided the food for more than 200 children. Denver Public Schools, Colorado Department of Education, Denver Inner City Parish and Hunger Free Colorado also supported the event.


Thank You CHS for Your Harvest for Hunger!

Last week we were extremely grateful to receive a generous contribution from CHS employees, customers and partners!

Everyone had a good time raising funds too. M&M Cooperative group held its first Cajun boil and mouse race in Yuma to benefit the Harvest for Hunger campaign. This event alone raised enough to provide 36,300 meals to  Food Bank of the Rockies! See photos from the event here.

Other events included food drives, grain donations, pie throwing contests, pancake breakfasts and dances.  Thanks go out to CHS employees, partners and communities who helped make this years’ Harvest for Hunger campaign an amazing success, resulting in more than 106,000 meals going out to our neighbors in need!


l to r: Buck Boze (Food Bank of the Rockies), Jim Lengel (M&M Cooperative), Mel Domine (M&M Cooperative), Carolyn Arens (Grainland Coop) & Austin Tharp (Grainland Coop)

To see results from CHS Harvest for Hunger results from across the nation, click here. 

Look What Four 5th Graders Can Accomplish!


Teachers from Brown International School reached out to us with four students wanting to learn about hunger and help those in need in our community.

At first the students were going to host a food drive.  After researching our website, touring our facility and learning about our Quarters for Kids campaign, part of the Kung Food Fighters® Kids Club, and how 25 cents contributed to FBR becomes a meal, they decided to collect quarters (and dollars) instead.  Over just a few weeks, these four enthusiastic kids raised enough money to provide 667 meals (the equivalent of 833 lbs) for kids and families in need!

Three of the four students stopped by to bring in their contribution and took a few minutes to tell us what they learned. They even made a video about their experience for the class.

We love it when kids want to help others and learn about hunger!  If your group, class or family would like to take a tour and help us fight hunger and feed hope, please visit our Kung Food Fighters® Kids Club page and reach out to us, kidsclub@foodbankrockies.org. We’d love to have you visit!

Ethan Celebrates His Birthday Feeding Hope

Ethan just turned 7. And like many 7 year olds, he had a birthday party, complete with laser tag and go cart racing.  But one thing was a bit different at Ethan’s party – the gifts.  Instead of presents, Ethan asked his friends and family to contribute food to Food Bank of the Rockies. This wise young boy brought in 70 pounds of food for people in need, even more than his weight!   We had the pleasure of meeting him and his family and giving them a tour of FBR.


We’re always impressed with the compassion of so many young children who want to help. That’s why we started the Kung Food Fighters® Kids Club.  We’ve got lots of ideas for ways to help fight hunger, perfect for kids from preschool to high school. Visit our club website page for activities to download and sign up to receive monthly e-newsletters with games and ideas.

Kids are Counting on Us This Summer

Kevin SeggelkeA Message from Kevin Seggelke, President & CEO, Food Bank of the Rockies

Summer is truly one of the best times to live in Colorado.  The weather is not too hot or humid, the sun shines almost every day and the city, plains and mountains are incredible places to enjoy the great outdoors and all our state has to offer. It’s also the time of year kids take a break from school. But sadly, for some children right here in our beautiful state, as the school year and school feeding programs end, summer also means the possibility of taking a break from having enough to eat.

12 year old Ryan is already feeling anxious. Soon, he and his 8 year old sister Sara will no longer be able eat school breakfast and lunch. He waits until the other kids leave the cafeteria and fills his pockets with apples, rolls, even packets of mayonnaise. The cafeteria worker notices and asks him if he’s hungry.

“I’m not hungry now,” he replied.  “I’m trying to stock up so me and my sister will have food to eat during the summer.”

Ryan is one of the nearly 1 in 4 Colorado kids living in a food insecure household.  Food insecurity is another way of saying these struggling families don’t always have enough money to eat - maybe only at the end of the month due to parents’ low wages, and in some cases, maybe all summer, due to circumstances far beyond a child’s control.

The cafeteria worker realized the seriousness of Ryan’s situation and told Ryan’s family about Food Bank of the Rockies’ Summer Food Service Program. This summer, Ryan and Sara will have a healthy lunch five days a week.


“Now I don’t have to worry about being hungry this summer and Sara will get lunches too. I can play ball and have a good time.” Ryan said with a big smile on his face.

At Food Bank of the Rockies, we’re proud to be the largest nonprofit sponsor of the Summer Food Service Program in Colorado.  We’ll be providing food for more than 70 locations this summer. Along with several public school districts, the USDA , our sister Feeding Colorado food banks, partner agencies and the Colorado Department of Education Office of School Nutrition, children around our service area and across the state can enjoy a nutritious lunch during the summer months.

No child should go hungry.  If you know a child in need, more information on summer meals and links to find nearby sites can be found here.

And if you are fortunate to have enough to eat this summer, can you help someone who is struggling?  Your gift will help children and their families receive healthy food all summer long.

Thank you and enjoy  a wonderful summer!

Kevin first name tight


Boy in the Box Again!

20140426_114545Derek McKee has been taking the magic world by storm and gets to rub elbows with famous folks like Lance Burton and David Blaine.  Traveling the world, sharing his magic and positive energy, he’s already an acclaimed, award-winning magician. When you meet him, what really stands out about Derek is his genuine, down-to-earth compassion for those who are less fortunate.  He’ll tell you about how he spent a scary night on skid row with a team of people to gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be homeless.  It’s obvious he really cares about making the world a better place and he’s doing that by helping to raise awareness, food, and funds for Food Bank of the Rockies.

He once again lived downtown on the 16th Street Mall, spending nearly a week in a homemade plexiglass box.  His efforts provided non-perishable food and funds for Food Bank of the Rockies.

Thank you Derek for giving us a week of your time and magical energy to raise awareness and provide needed food to our hungry neighbors!