When it snows and kids get the day off from school, it's usually cause for them to celebrate.

But not for all kids.

When Dakota's teacher told him there might be a blizzard and school could be cancelled, he replied with worry, "But how will we get our food?"

For Dakota and his family, receiving a weekly Totes of Hope® is important; missing school on distribution day is no holiday. It could mean going hungry at home.

FBR Totes of Hope® sites used to distribute on Fridays, but now distributions happen on different days at different sites, so there are more opportunities for the children to get their totes in the event of a snow day or school closure.

In this blizzard, many children are home enjoying a hot meal and a break from school. We hope every child in our community has enough to eat today. Programs like Totes of Hope® help ensure kids in food insecure families have needed nutrition.

Thank you for remembering those who might not have enough food and for supporting our programs. Every dollar provides four meals for hungry families like Dakota's. For the price of a fancy coffee, just think of all the meals you could share!


Wayne-Williams-Rick-EnstromYou've seen those Super Bowl bets where politicians of the losing team send local food and drink items to the winning team's politician. Sometimes they wear the winning team's jersey. Or decorate their office with the winning team's logos and colors.

In this bet, no matter who won the big game, local food banks were winners too. Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall decided to host food drives at their offices. Donations would be made to their local food banks in honor of the winning team. We're not only delighted for the donations, but also that they are made in honor of our very own winning Denver Broncos!

Thank you to both Secretary Williams and Secretary Marshall for making this thoughtful wager.  We appreciate your kindness and taking time to think about those less fortunate!

(Pictured above Rick Enstrom of Enstrom Candies and Secretary Williams dropping off the donation before the Super Bowl.)

Audrey Made Our Day!

Audrey - bestHow many five-year-old kids do you know who would rather feed hungry families than get showered with toys and other gifts on their birthday?  Well they do exist and we were lucky enough to meet one today!

Audrey had a birthday celebration and asked her family and friends to bring food instead of gifts. It was wonderful to see her smile when we told her she'd be feeding kids just like her who didn't have enough to eat. In fact, nearly one in four kids in our service area live in food insecure families.  Every gift, no matter how small, will bring hope to someone who's hungry.

She and her parents took a tour of our warehouse too.

Thank you to Audrey's mom and dad for taking time to nurture and teach your wonderful daughter about giving back. And thank you Audrey for being kind and for caring about others.  You truly made our day!


Much of Colorado’s economy is booming. But not everyone is experiencing this tremendous growth. For many in our community, earning enough to put food on the table is still a struggle. And in our service area, where oil and gas are key industries for good paying jobs, many families are experiencing lay-offs and reduced wages. FBR and our partner agencies are seeing lines for food assistance growing longer, especially during the winter months.

We are so grateful PCL construction realized the need and recently contributed funds to provide 40,000 meals to the community. This contribution couldn’t have come at a better time.

“PCL Construction has, as its core values, a commitment to our community. Our employee owners at PCL Construction in Denver strongly believe in giving back and supporting the future growth of the community in which we work,” said Frank M. Terrasi, Vice President & District Manager, PCL Construction Denver.

This donation will provide sorely needed funds for us to continue feeding families across our service area and help them have a brighter new year. Thank you to PCL for your generous gift!


Vance made a contribution in honor of his mother during our Mix 100 Marathon.  We are so grateful not only for his contribution, but also for the touching story he shared with us.  We think it illustrates the spirit of giving and wanted to share Vance's story with all our supporters!



I made this donation in honor of my mother on the occasion of her 83rd birthday. She is now living with my sister and my brother-in-law, so she doesn't need a lot of presents and I felt this donation would be a much more appropriate celebration of her birthday.  

I remember when I was about 4 years old. My father was a taxi driver and he almost always took his daily earnings and went to bars and drank or gambled the money away. On one particular evening, my mother sent us to bed (after eating only bread) while she herself went without eating because there was no food and she didn't have any money to buy groceries. Later that evening, another taxi driver came to the house, woke us (the children) and drove all of us to Safeway. He told my mother he knew my dad had lost all of his money for several days and this kind man correctly suspected we were not being taken care of at home. 

So...he bought us all steaks and potatoes and salad and dessert!!! 

Amazing guy, amazing feeling, and an incredible lesson for me about taking care of others in need. I have tried to live by that feeling and to create that feeling for others who might be less fortunate than I am. 

I now live in Switzerland and have an excellent life. Technology is so great, I can listen to Mix 100 and the annual marathon, even while residing in Switzerland.  I am thrilled with the work Dom Testa does in getting people excited about Food Bank of the Rockies.

It would be fantastic if you could send an "acknowledgement" to my mother to let her know about the donation in her name. My mother doesn't listen to Mix 100 so she wouldn't know about how my memories of her going without dinner herself have now turned into so much good and 4,000 meals!



Thank you Vance! What a wonderful gift and tribute to you mother. No doubt she’s very proud of the kind person she raised. We’re delighted to hear you now have an excellent life and are able to help others. Because of you, families struggling with hunger will also have a chance for a brighter holidays and a better future!

snowflake-ornaments-redHonor Gift Contributions with eCards is an Easy-to-Give Gift that will Feed Hungry Families!

Consider sending honorary contributions and holiday themed eCards to let your dear ones know you care this season.

Giving an honor gift is easy!

  • Visit our holiday contribution form online
  • Choose your contribution amount and enter your credit card information
  • Select your card theme
  • Fill in a personal message
  • Type in the email for your recipient(s)
  • Process your contribution and the eCard will go out automatically

Imagine getting all your holiday giving done in one click! You can even email more than one recipient on the same contribution form as long as the card message is the same.

Every dollar you share with us in honor of someone special will provide four meals for hungry men, women and children in our community.  

Get started today. Simply click the link below to go directly to our Holiday eCard contribution form.




The Holidays.  While some of us tend to get a little stressed with all the “goings on”, it’s still a time to be grateful for the many blessings in our lives.  A friend recently pointed out to me how fortunate he is to have enough money, time and flexibility to deal with an untimely car repair. He told me that dealing with this made him think about many of our food bank clients and how something unexpected--a minor annoyance for some--could throw families living on the edge into a world of struggle.  The things many of us take for granted - reliable transportation, money for heat, a living wage, health, a safe place to call home - are simple blessings some of our neighbors don’t have.

At the food bank, we count our blessings every day! The contributions of food and essentials from businesses, farmers, wholesalers and ranchers, the monetary and volunteer gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations and other organizations, these all allow us the ability to share hope in the form of a meal.  Thank you for helping us make the holidays, as well as all the other days of the year, a little less stressful for families barely getting by! We can only provide nourishment to families in need because you care.

This holiday season, I wish you the joys and comforts of good food, safe travels, a warm home, health, peace and happiness. If you are blessed, thank you for sharing a little of your abundance with hungry families.  And if you know a family in need this holiday, please refer them to Food Bank of the Rockies to find help and hope.  No one should go hungry!

Warm regards for a wonderful season of sharing,

Kevin Seggelke





Wanda’s Story

IMG_3893It's a bright, sunshiny day as the food bank van rolls down the street to a small home in central Denver.  Peggy, FBR's driver is coming to visit Wanda and bring monthly USDA commodities made possible through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) administered by FBR. She also brings other items including some fresh produce, bread and even a bag of pet food for Wanda's furry companions.  Wanda's face lights up as Peggy walks up the steps.

Wanda worked for the city for many years, taking public transportation to and from her job and counting on her husband to do the additional driving. Living for many years on a fixed income and now widowed, she's home-bound and relies on help from Food Bank of the Rockies for her groceries.

"Sometimes I don't have the money to get food, so it's really important to me. I'm so happy to know we have the food bank. I'm so grateful for that," she tells us.

Wanda is one of more than 411,000 people in our service area who don't always know where their next meal is coming from. We're grateful for the support we receive from the USDA, food and fund donors and volunteers - making it possible to share nourishment and provide hope to struggling families.

Watch Wanda share her story.

Your gifts help Wanda and others like her. $1 = 4 meals!

Happy Trails to Olive Crawford

People come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime.  For those who worked or volunteered with Food Bank of the Rockies anytime in the past 32 years, chances are, their lives have been touched by Olive Crawford.


With both joy and sadness, on September 30, we wished Olive a bittersweet “Happy Trails” as she headed off for new adventures, retiring after 30 years as a paid team member and 32 years total if you count her volunteer time before she was officially hired.

Olive dedicated her time to many jobs with FBR, but the one we’ll remember her for most is her role as Volunteer Supervisor.  FBR relies heavily on volunteers to help distribute tens of millions of pounds of food each year.  More than 12,000 individuals contribute 130,000+ hours and Olive was responsible for making sure each and every one of them was on task, informed and had a memorable experience with us. She was amazing at her job and loved by both staff and volunteers.

Life hasn’t been easy for Olive. Struggling with poverty and hunger as a child and again as a young single mother, she understands why it’s important to give back. “I guess there were times I needed help,” she explains, holding back the tears. “And there were folks that helped me, and so I want to give back.”

Her past experiences may be the reason her compassion and understanding emanated throughout the food bank. You could always count on Olive to share a few words of kindness and a bit of motherly advice. FBR won’t be the same without her.


“I tried it at 70 and I wasn’t ready,” she says about retiring. “And now I can tell it’s time.” At 74, we know Olive deserves to take a break from full time work and enjoy new adventures.

Reflecting on her work with FBR, Olive says, " It's a wonderful gift." We all feel the same about the devotion and joy Olive brought to her work at the food bank.

Thank you Olive, for putting your heart and soul into to feeding hungry families for three decades.  You are already missed beyond words and wished many “Happy Trails” ahead.

Watch Kathy Walsh’s coverage of Olive’s retirement on CBS4.


What’s So Special about a Spoon?


It’s hard to say how long spoons have been around.  They’ve been discovered with ancient Egyptian artifacts, unearthed with treasures from the Neolithic civilizations and found with relics used during the Shang Dynasty.

Spoons represent different ideas and cultures - “A Spoonful of Sugar.” “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” Spoons are units of measure – teaspoons, tablespoons. Some people collect souvenir spoons. Spoons can even be used as musical instruments.

But mostly spoons represent access to the most basic nourishment - a warm cup of soup, a hearty bowl of oatmeal, a simple dish of rice and beans, all consumed with a spoon.  And as we know, too many neighbors and families don’t always have food for their spoons.

This September is Hunger Action month, a time to reflect on hunger, take action and encourage others to make a difference too.  Food Bank of the Rockies, along with our fellow Feeding America food banks, is promoting “Spoontember” during Hunger Action Month.  We’re sporting orange, the color of Hunger Action Month and having fun with spoons by sharing selfies, balancing them on our nose. But what we’re really doing is bringing attention to hunger and reminding people they can make a difference, no matter how small.

Food banks across the country hear far too many stories of hard working people, seriously ill people, children in poverty, seniors on fixed incomes, all struggling to have enough to eat.  Together we can help them have food for their spoons, food for their health and food for their souls. By giving back, whether it’s through volunteering, calling Congress, sharing social media or contributing funds, you can brighten the lives of these families.

So thank you for participating in Spoontember and Hunger Action Month.  A simple, silly act can have a big impact. Through contributions of food, funds and time, families can be nourished.  Together we can solve hunger.