Resources for Agencies

Resources for Agencies

We have compiled these resources to help agencies and individuals in the fight against hunger.

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Feeding America has a mission to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks, including Food Bank of the Rockies and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.The network of more than 200 food banks serves all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity is a foundation-led, non-partisan initiative aimed at ensuring political leaders take significant actions to reduce poverty and increase opportunity in the United States. They bring together diverse perspectives from the political, policy, advocacy and foundation communities to engage in an ongoing dialogue focused on finding genuine solutions to the economic hardship confronting millions of Americans.

The Colorado Children’s Campaign was established in 1985 as a statewide nonprofit organization. Since then, they have been the leading bi-partisan voice for children from the state capitol to communities across the state, focusing on expanding access to quality healthcare, early childhood experiences and K-12 education.

Colorado Center on Law and Policy and Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute are dynamic organizations, leading the effort to resolve some of Colorado’s biggest policy challenges. As both resources and catalysts, CCLP and COFPI work for changes in public policy through timely, credible and accessible policy analysis, education, advocacy and coalition building. The Colorado Center on Law and Policy works to secure justice and promote economic security for all Coloradans, and to provide the critical advocacy formerly provided by federally funded legal services programs. The Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan project of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, promotes justice and economic security for all Coloradans. The site has links to government research on food security and hunger, and information on government programs to help those in need.

Piton Foundation Providing opportunities for families and children in Denver to move from poverty and dependence to self-reliance. The Piton Foundation is a private operating foundation in Denver, Colorado. The foundation develops and implements programs to improve public education, expand economic opportunities for families, and strengthen low-income neighborhoods in Denver. You can find information on schools, neighborhoods and poverty issues helpful in grant writing.

U.S. Census The US Census Bureau site has census data, poverty data and other details to use in grant writing.

USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension service CSREES advances knowledge for agriculture, the environment, human health and well-being, and communities through national program leadership and federal assistance. The site has information on funding opportunities and useful research on hunger, food security, health and more.

USDA Economic Research Service Archives of Amber Waves, ERS’s new magazine which offers a window into the broad range of ERS research and analysis including food, farming, natural resources, and rural America. The magazine replaces Agricultural Outlook, FoodReview, and Rural America.

Non-Profit Funding Opportunities

The Partnership for Families and Children is a trusted collaborator working with funders, government agencies and other nonprofits committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children and their families. Our passion and dedication, combined with our ability to connect resources, enhances our partner’s ability to affect change and achieve greater social impact.

Colorado Nonprofit Association (formerly CANPO) The mission of the Colorado Nonprofit Association is to lead, serve and strengthen Colorado nonprofit organizations. The site has legal information, resources, job listings, professional development opportunities and a list of resources for nonprofits.

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is a permanent, community-based resource for those who give and those who receive. For non-profit organizations the foundation provides management expertise, funding opportunities, educational programs and a connection to donors. The primary area that the Community Foundation services includes Teton County, Wyoming and Teton County, Idaho. The foundation’s donor services and advised grants extend nation-wide.

In addition to making grants, they offer a variety of programs that allow all local organizations to benefit from a central clearinghouse of information and have taken on the role of convening, educating and networking. The Community Foundation also offers individual consultations and specialized presentations regarding grant applications, board training, fundraising and other topics.

Community Resource Center (CRC) Established in 1981, CRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides training, technical assistance and consultation to community-based organizations in Colorado and across the country. CRC empowers nonprofits to fulfill their missions by building capacity, strengthening skills, and providing strategies for success. CRC serves as a convener of communities to expand resources and stimulate change and is the author of the Colorado Grants Guide. Check out the site for funding information, workshops and more.

Council on Foundations Promoting knowledge, growth and action in philanthropy. The site has information on grant writing, funding opportunities, lists of grantors and more.

Government Grant Opportunities The site has information about how to apply for a grant and funding opportunities.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ Center for Faith-Based & Community Initiatives The site contains grant and funding information, links to assistance in applying for federal funds, statistics, fact sheets and more.

Food Safety and Nutrition

**NEW** FBR Repacking Bulk Foods Guidelines (SOP) This guide will advise you on safe and proper procedures for repackaging bulk food products for distribution to individual households.

FBR Online Food Safety Course
is available FREE to all member agencies and their staff/volunteers who handle food. It is required for one staff person from each agency program tp be FBR Food Safety certified. The course can be found here. For more information, please contact agency relations.

ServSafe Online Food Safety Course is available at a reduced cost to member agencies. If you are interested in this additional food safety course, please download this document with instructions for how to take the course. Please print out a certificate and send Agency Relations a copy so we can add this to your agency’s file.

The Food Keeper Developed by the Food Marketing Institute, this handy brochures provides charts on the shelf-life of many refrigerated, frozen and pantry food items.

Code Dating Developed by Agency Relations to answer your questions regarding the meaning of code dating on food products. This site offers nutrition and weight loss guidelines and plans for healthy eating. Plans and tips for ages 2 through seniors.

Fight Bac!Keep foods safe from bacteria. This site, brought to you by the FDA, offers all sorts of valuable information on storing food for the best quality and safety. Download activity sheets, brochures, presentations, Spanish language materials available too!

Cent$ible Nutrition Program Cent$ible Nutrition Program of the University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Center The Cent$ible Nutrition program works to: improve diets and nutritional welfare for the total family; increase knowledge of essentials of human nutrition; increase ability to select and buy food that satisfies nutritional needs; improve practices in food production, preparation, storage, safety, and sanitation; increase ability to manage food budgets and related resources such as food stamps. The program has educators in every Wyoming county who teach basic nutrition concepts, food buying skills, food storage and sanitation, management of available resources, and food preparation skills.

“The Power of Nutrition” a document from ANSA (Association of Nutrition Service Agencies) supporting ANSA’s position that acess to food, nutrition interventions, and quality health care are inextricably linked, together contributing to positive health outcomes and significant health cost savings.

Sesame Street Food for Thought: Eating Well on a Budget is a bilingual, multimedia program designed to help support families who have children between the ages of 2 and 8 and are coping with uncertain or limited access to affordable and nutritious food. The website contains information and ideas for groups and programs that work with families who need help getting healthy food.

Other Useful Links

Computers for Non-Profits

Thermal Blankets

Organizing a Food Box Program/Pantry
Download this document and learn more about how you can start a food program/ food pantry to help those in need in your community.

If you have a resource to share or questions about posted resources, please contact us.