Community Partners FAQ

What is a promotion (Corporate Partnership/Cause Marketing)?

A promotion is an outside group hosting an opportunity driving the public to either purchase something or where the public has the opportunity to make a contribution in exchange for good and services at the business with proceeds benefiting FBR. Example – a percentage of funds will be donated to FBR for a specific entrée on a menu, for a monetary donation you’ll get a poster of the concert, etc.

How can I hold an event or create a promotion to benefit FBR?


Can FBR endorse my business or event and drive traffic or sales?

Per IRS guidelines FBR cannot endorse the sponsor’s brand/product or provide a call to action that causes financial benefit to the sponsor.

Can I have access to your donor list?

FBR does not share or sell donor lists.

How can FBR support my event/promotion?

Please review our Giving Chart.

Can someone from FBR speak to my business or at my event?

With adequate lead time and available staff, notification 30 days prior is appreciated.

Can someone from FBR attend my event or staff a booth?

Staff and/or volunteers presence at an event is never guaranteed. Requests should be made at least 30 days prior to the event and FBR participation is determined on a case by case basis, and is usually related to revenue and exposure levels, as well as staff availability.

Can I use one of your banners at my business or event?

FBR banners can be checked out for a $50 deposit, returned upon delivery of the banner.

What is the minimum contribution FBR will accept?

FBR accepts gifts of all sizes, $1 equals 4 meals.

Will you post my event/promotion on your website?

Presence on FBR’s website is never guaranteed and is determined on a case by case basis.

Will you post my event/promotion through your social media?

If copy is provided FBR can post your event/promotion on Facebook and Twitter at least 2 times. If @FoodBankRockies is tagged in any post we are happy to “retweet” and possibly “share” on Facebook.

What social media outlets does FBR use?

We can be found at,, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Will you include my event/promotion in your e-newsletter?

Inclusion in our newsletter is determined on a case by case basis and is usually related to revenue and exposure levels.

Can we include your logo in our marketing pieces?

Yes, however we must approve any materials that contain our name and/or logo. Approval is done quickly and can be done via email.

Can you send out a media release for my event/promotion?

FBR can provide you with our media release template but cannot send information out on your behalf. We can also provide a quote from senior staff that you can use in your release.

Can I have access to your media lists?

FBR does not share media contacts or relationships.

Does FBR provide staff or volunteers to help run events?

External events and promotions cannot be executed by our staff or volunteers

Can FBR finance my event?

FBR does not supply any funding for outside events and will not be responsible for any debts incurred.

Can FBR act as an accountant for an event?

FBR does not have resources in place to act as accountant for outside groups. Bookkeeping should be done by the event/promotion organizers.

Can FBR pull Special Event Liquor permits for my event?

These events are negotiated on a case by case basis and usually include a nominal filing fee and a percentage of alcohol sales.

Can I use your tax id number?

Use of FBR’s tax id number is provided on a case by case basis, following review by FBR’s Vice President of Development and President & CEO.

Can I use FBR’s Raffle License?

FBR does not carry a raffle license.

Do I need to provide insurance coverage for FBR at my event?

FBR requires verification that the sponsoring organization has adequate insurance coverage and must receive a certificate of insurance that names FBR as an additional insured no later than 15 days prior to the event.

If a promotion is statewide can all of the funds be donated to FBR?

FBR is a member of Feeding Colorado, an organization comprised of all 5 Feeding Colorado food banks. Funds would be split with the respective sister food banks based on service area boundaries.