Medical Center of Aurora Family Day

We often get groups who are interested in bringing families and kiddos to FBR to volunteer.  As a result, we have organized a number of Family Volunteer Days.  On Saturday, August 3rd, The Medical Center of Aurora brought an awesome group of 46 volunteers of all ages to help us pack backpacks full of schools supplies, sort reclamation food and pack food boxes for one of our government programs.  We had a blast hosting this group that has become like an extension of the FBR family.  Thanks Medical Center of Aurora!  






Contact Laura at if you're interested in setting up a family day!  

A Special Day at FBR

The people of this beautiful state have seen their share of heartache.  It's in the difficult times that we ban together.   Residents of Aurora held a Day of Remembrance on Saturday, July 20, 2013, to mark the one-year anniversary of the move-theater shooting tragedy.  FBR was honored to be chosen by members of the city of Aurora as a volunteer spot on their Day of Remembrance.   Over 30 individuals came out to help for the day.  A variety of additional service projects were organized at non-profit organizations throughout Aurora, including Project C.U.R. E., Boys Hope Girls Hope of Colorado, Aurora Mental Health Center, Boys & Girls Club, Aurora North Middle School and others.  Our hearts continue to go out to the city of Aurora and all those effected by this tragedy.  




XCEL Brings Their Energy

On September 7th, 58 representatives from XCEL Energy filled up our warehouse, volunteering their time and talents for FBR.  They packed an outstanding 5,000 Totes of Hope for Denver area kids to take home on weekends.  These totes provide meals that kiddos might not otherwise have access to.  They also packed boxes of food that will be distributed to clients in need.  How amazing was this group of dedicated volunteers?  AMAZING.  Thanks XCEL!!!!!  We all appreciate you.  









Generosity – to the Maxx

August 28, a group of 13 go-getters from TJ Maxx volunteered in our reclamation area.  In addition to their donation of time, the company gifted us with a check that will provide 10,000 meals to our neighbors in need!  We love partnering with new groups who are so excited and dedicated to fighting hunger in Colorado.  Thanks TJ Maxx!  We look forward to working with you again in the future.  

IMG_0432Dean, an executive for TJ Maxx, visited with us and presented Kim with their generous gift.  


2 Kids Spend their Summer Giving Back

Check out this video.  This summer two recent high school graduates from the East Coast embarked on a journey across the country, offering a helping hand in multiple states to various volunteer organizations.  FBR was one of their stops.  They spent the day with us, volunteering in our Denver warehouse.  Pretty cool huh?  We thought so.  They not only helped out communities in need at each of their stops, but also created memories they'll have for a lifetime.  Way to go guys.    



Jordan’s Thoughts on Hunger Study Season


For the 2013 summer, I was blessed with the task of helping Food Bank of the Rockies visit more than 80 agencies as a part of the Hunger in America 2014 survey.

Every four years, Feeding America food banks across the nation survey the community members utilizing their services, either directly or through their partner agencies. The information obtained from the surveys helps each food bank garner more food and funding through an updated slew of statistics. 

My experience has been nothing short of enlightening and humbling. I’ve meet more crusaders in the world of hunger relief than I ever thought I would, as well as getting the chance to sit down with some of the people who utilize our agencies’ services and hear their stories.

At the beginning of this experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I envisioned myself going to an agency, letting some people answer some questions and heading home. But, after finishing my first few hunger studies, I realized what invaluable opportunity I had received. Every time I visit an agency for a hunger study, I get the chance to be an advocate for those who sometimes aren’t listened to. I get to share their stories and bring awareness to a problem we face in Colorado; a problem that can be fixed.

Food Bank of the Rockies’ services help dozens of Coloradans find nourishment for their households and provide hope for those in need. Without the dedication of their volunteers, staff and community support, this organization wouldn’t be able to make the impact they do in the community, which deserves praise in every way.

I’ll leave my internship knowing that my services made a difference. That someone, somewhere in the state, will be able to put a meal on their family’s table because of the kindness and generosity of others. I’ll leave this knowing that Food Bank of the Rockies inspired one more person to continue the fight against hunger, in any way she can.  

Faces of Food Bank: Dex


Dex and his friendly nature can be found in our warehouse, working as an Operations Assistant.  He's responsible for entering all donated pounds received from major donors such as King Soopers, Target, Sam’s Club & Wal-Mart stores, as well as smaller donors & walk-ins dropping off Food Drive product.  Dex also uploads photo’s to our shopping list website which Agencies place orders from. Growing up, Dex dreamed of becoming a Sportscaster but he's grateful for the opportunity to give back and help people in need every day.  Some day you'll find Dex vacationing in his dream location, Hawaii.  And he'll probably be dining on Mexican food - his favorite culinary category.  We're glad to have you on our team Dex!