Meals for Minds

Do you ever wonder what retail companies do behind the scenes to give back?  This is a rather awesome example.  Click here to see how we're working with Target to nourish kids brains and bodies!  We're proud to partner with Target in fighting hunger and feeding hope.  Between donations of time, funds and food, they're going the extra mile to change lives.  



Movin’ On Up!

Food Bank of the Rockies continues to grow.  We continue to serve more neighbors in need, which means we're storing and distributing more food .  Our warehouse facility in Grand Junction had met its max in regards to space, so we're proud to announce that we've moved to a significantly larger location in Palisade! Its been a work in progress, but our doors are open and we're serving our agency partners on the Western Slope with more efficiency than ever before!  

As part of the grand opening of the Palisade location, our friends at Bellco joined us in showcasing three new dehydrator units and a prep kitchen, all made possible by a generous donation of $100,000 from Bellco.  The equipment will enable FBR to dehydrate and distribute thousands of pounds of produce to needy Coloradans each year that would otherwise go to waste. The Palisade location allows for close proximity to the farms of the Western Slope and access to locally grown produce.  What a blessing for us and those we serve!
The grand opening celebration took place in April, 2013 and featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a Palisade Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event. The event drew guests from the Chamber, FBR and Bellco, among other community members. Each attendee was able to take a tour of the facility and learn more about the dehydrators that will allow FBR to dehydrate produce including apples, peaches, cherries, potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots and tomatoes – which will then be distributed in Grand Junction and across the state to share with people in need. 
THANKS to all those involved in making our Palisade move possible and to Bellco for adding to the excitement of this process with an amazing new addition to our services.  

7 Year Old Fighting Cancer

Do you believe that you (a kid) can make a difference in the world?  We sure do.  We know what awesome ideas and generous hearts kids have and we're so excited to see what you're going to come up to fight hunger in Colorado!  Check out what 7 year old Tess is doing in her community!  Click HERE for her story.  Tell us what you think!