Lighting Up for Hunger

For the 5th year, our friends, Ed and Tom are lighting up their neighborhood to fight hunger in Colorado.  Their amazing home light show in Arvada kicked off on Thanksgiving evening and will run through January 4, 2013. They have approximately 40,000 lights this year with a couple new Christmas songs added to their radio dialed light show.  The display is simply outstanding and fun for the entire family. You can view their hard work at 12177 W 58th Place, Arvada, 80004.

Tom and Ed pay us a visit every January to present us with a gift from their loyal contributors. 

They're generously offering FBR 100% of any donations collected in the donation box outside their home.   Tom and Ed explain, "The recent economy has hurt a lot of people, making your efforts that much more challenging. We are proud to help and we have fun doing it, too. We have met many people from all walks of life and enjoy sharing our experiences with them. So many neighbors pass by in their vehicles or on foot with their dogs while we are setting up on the weekends. And we receive so many encouraging words from them as they watch the display progress throughout the four weekends leading up to kickoff. We are always amazed that our efforts are able to generate so much goodwill and promote the spirit of the season.  This is our seventh year for the display and our fifth year that you are our benefactor. Together, let’s wish for a prosperous year for Food Bank of the Rockies."

THANK YOU so much to our favorite holiday light show friends!  We're blessed to be recipients of your generosity and holiday spirit!

King Soopers & The Broncos Serve Up Hope

Last Thursday, we spent our morning with friends from King Soopers and The Denver Bronco's at FBR's Montbello Mobile Pantry site.  These kind folks volunteered their time to serve the line of over 300 families in need of food assistance.  They smiled, ear to ear, at every individual walking through the line and made a beautiful impact on all those interacting with them.  The staff at the United Church of Montebello worked alongside these volunteers and witnessed their highest distribution to date.  On top of volunteering their mornings away from work at their offices, King Soopers and The Denver Broncos presented checks to FBR, totaling over 320,000 meals for Coloradans in need.  We were taken back and humbled by their generosity of spirit, time and monetary contributions.

There's a siginificant need in our community, which is why we do what we do.  But without partners like King Soopers and the Denver Broncos, we would not be able to ensure that the issue of hunger in our community is being satisfied.  What else can say other than, "Thank you."  We're honored to work alongside you in this fight.






Operation Free Bird

This past Saturday, FBR was proud to take part in The 9th Annual Operation Free Bird,  put on by the Adams Country Sheriff’s Office and area Adams County Business and Community Organizations.  Over 3,600 families lined up at Rocky's Auto on 64th Avenue and Federal Blvd. from 12noon-4pm to receive a reusable WalMart bag of food.  These 5 pound bags included Cranberry Sauce, Gravy Mix, Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes, and Instant Mashed Potatoes.  Additionally Sarah Lee was right next door to our mobile pantry truck handing out bread.  Inside the event, families received certificates for free turkeys from King Soopers (thus the "Free Bird" reference!)  In addition to the special mobile pantry, FBR had a resource booth distributing information about the services we provide to the community.  Countless Adams County businesses donate time, products, educational element etc. for this annual community gathering.   Dave Rothrock, owner of Rocky's Autos, contributes financially to the event every year, provides the parking lot space where the event takes place and donates television advertising.

When we arrived at the beginning of the event, the line was a mile long spanning between Federal and Pecos.  All 3,600 families were served, thanks to the generosity and hard work of a host of organizations, businesses and individuals involved.   Volunteers from 3 groups – AmeriCorp, RAS & Associates, and a Jr Girl Scout Troop from Adams County were on hand that day to ensure the event ran smoothly.  And that it did!  We were so proud to be a part of providing food and hope to our neighbors in need this Thanksgiving!

KS 107.5 Listeners Give Back!

Last week was jam packed with hunger fighting events, which is so exciting to us at FBR!  KS 107.5 hosted their annual food drive, which is a 5 day event that brings out their dedicated listeners.  They walk to nearly a dozen donation sites around the Metro area to visit with Tony V and donate food for their neighbors in need.  We love watching how excited KS listeners get each and every year for this awesome event.  Once again, Denver Bronco DJ Williams and his mom, Sherri Gonzales, donated 55 turkeys to FBR via their Home Team non-profit organization.  How awesome is that?  Over 830 pound of food were donated to FBR this year!

THANK YOU to KS 107.5, especially the amazing Tony V, for fighting hunger with us every year!  We appreciate you and all you do!





Over 4 Million Meals in 2 Days!


The 14th Annual Dom and Jane Charity Marathon took over the airwaves on Mix 100 last week Thursday and Friday!  Dom, Jane, Jeremy and Emily dedicated 2 full days on air, fighting hunger and feeding hope for FBR.  And man were they successful!  We're overjoyed to announce a grand total of $1,153,652 from generous listeners and corporate donors!  Unbelievable!  We're humbled by the generosity our community displays every year during this outstanding fundraiser.  The amount raised continues to grow year to year, despite tough economic times for so many Coloradans.  We're so proud to be a part of a community so focused on giving back and making a difference for our neighbors in need.

THANK YOU doesn't quite express how grateful we are to Dom, Jane, Jeremy, Emily, the entire Mix 100 team, listeners, phone bank volunteers, corporate partners and everyone else who made the Charity Marathon a remarkable success!  Over 4 million meals will be provided to Coloradans who don't know where their next meal will come from.  For that, we're oh so thankful.


We surprised the gang with a festive cake.  Can you tell who's who? 


Our dear friends from Whiting Petroleum joined the broadcast with a donation again this year .


We were super excited to invite our friends from the Aurora Medical Center to present their donation on air!


Oh how we adore Jeremy. 


The lovely Kelli from King Soopers talked about their outstandingly generous donations this past year.  And more to come!


Target continues to knock our socks off with their generosity.  We're so glad they could join us again this year. 


Amy represented CoBank this year!  They support us in more ways than we can count!



Gigi from Tri-State G&T stopped in as well as Alex with Halliburton.  2 companies who set the bar for corporate generosity!

Faces of Food Bank: Brandy

Brandy works in our Nutrition Network and did a remarkable job coordinating last summer's food program for kids. Working with a very tight deadline, she  completed all the paperwork, staff and volunteer training, set-up, distribution and monitoring to get 25 additional summer food sites up and running. Her efforts to help fill more hungry tummies were deservedly recognized by the Colorado Department of Education who nominated Brandy for the White House Champion of Change Award. Brand has been very modest about this nomination.

“Even though it was a lot of work to get the additional sites set up, it was worth it,” says Brandy.  “I have three kids and can’t imagine them without a meal. I’m just doing my job. It’s all about opening more meal sites so more kids can eat.”

Brandy asked a little girl at one of the sites what she liked best about her lunch.  The little girl told her she liked the milk because “we don’t have milk at home.”   Stories like this keep Brandy and her team motivated.

Brandy was recently promoted to Distribution Supervisor for all Nutrition Network programs.  She has a lot of new tasks on her plate, but we’re sure she can handle it. Congratulations Brandy, on this outstanding nomination and your new position. We appreciate you!

9Cares and Colorado Shares – Without a Doubt!

We were thrilled to announce that we would be partnering with 9NEWS for their outstandingly successful 2012 9Cares Colorado Shares Food and Fund Drive.  This annual event has been a part of Denver history for over 30 years and continues to grow each and every year.  The staff at 9NEWS has this massive collection of food, funds, toys etc. down to a science!  The actual drive took place on Saturday, October 27 at multiple locations around the Denver Metro area.

Leading up to the Saturday drive, we were blessed with an outpouring of donations coming from the Corporate Challenge and the Primrose School Drive.  These two events, in conjunction with 9Cares, provided over 40,000 pounds of food!  See below for a small sampling of bus loads of food from our new friends at Primrose!




Truckload after truckload of donated food was delivered to our warehouse on Oct. 27.  When it was all said and done, we weighed over 174,000 pounds here at FBR for our neighbors in need.  Unbelievable!  FBR is honored and humbled to be a part of such an outstanding community effort.  We can't thank 9NEWS and their generous patrons for helping fight hunger and feed hope for Coloradans in need.






Serving Up a Whole Lotta Hope

Last Tuesday, 13 Colorado hospitality organizations from the Meetings Industry of Colorado (MIC) joined forces again for the 19th Annual Serving Up Hope (SUH) Luncheon to raise more than $22,000 for FBR!  This is a favorite of ours every year.  The food is fabulous and a tremendous amount of work goes into this successful luncheon event!

The SUH Luncheon includes a chef's competition in four categories. This year's winners are:

Best Appetizer – The Palm
Best Entree – Renaissance Denver Hotel
Best Dessert – Landry’s Downtown Partnership
Best Presentation – Zink Bar & Patio at the Hilton Garden Inn

During the event, the Annual Serving Up Hope Awards are given to industry organizations that contribute the most food and cash during the Food Drive Competition. The 2012 award for the MIC organization with more than 200 members was awarded to the MPI Rocky Mountain Chapter who collected 9.85 pounds of food per member. The award for the MIC organization with less than 200 members was awarded to Christian Meetings & Conventions Association who collected 95.31 pounds of food per member. In total, an astounding 23,231.5 pounds of food were donated!  The awards given to all the winners are modeled off a drawing done by a child in one of FBR's Kids Cafe programs.  This year's winner was 10 year old Deante Smith who was able to attend and be honored for his contribution.  Way to go Deante!

Many many thanks to all those who make this event possible each and every year!  Click here for pictures of Serving Up Hope. Thank you to Gaston Photography!

Shop O Rama 2012

For 20 years, media rock stars from our local TV and Radio stations gather to kick off "Check Out Hunger," hosted by our friends at Natural Grocers.  This campaign raises funds for Food Bank of the Rockies' (FBR) Children’s programs through the FBR Nutrition Network.  Teams of two strategize how they'll fill up their grocery carts in three minutes, not to exceed a pre-selected dollar amount.  Certain aisles are marked off as acceptable shopping areas, teams can only chose 3 of any item and can't select anything over $3.00.  Each pair checks out at the conclusion of the three minute time period and the team closest to the total, without going over, is deemed the Shop O Rama Champion.  They walk away proudly with the coveted shopping cart trophy and set the bar for the next year's festivities.

This year, we were excited to welcome Dom, Jeremy and Emily from Mix 100 as first time participants.  Murphy Huston of KOSI 101 showed his yearly allegiance with co-worker Kathy, FOX 31's Melody Mendez partnered with Emily and made a spunky match and the lovely Karen Leigh of CBS 4 teamed with Kemper, an owner of Natural Grocers.

Shop O Rama is typically three minutes of chaos for most teams, but Dom and Jeremy calmly filled their cart, made careful and deliberate choices and stood in line, waiting to check out before the three minutes were used up.  Never before has this happened at Shop O Rama.  Did they win?  Yes they did.  What's even more shocking is the fact that they came within $2 under the goal.  Don't think that's ever happened either.  All of this without breaking a sweat.  Karen Leigh and Kemper took an impressive second, just a few dollars under the total.

To participate in "Check Out Hunger," shoppers simply pick up $1 or $5 coupons at the check-out aisles in Natural Grocers stores across northern Colorado from November 1st through December 31st.  Natural Grocers has pledged to match each dollar donated at check-out stands through the end of the year.  Throughout the eight year partnership with Natural Grocers, over $277,000 has been raised to fight childhood hunger.  "Check Out Hunger" makes it easy to assist FBR in its effort to feed children in need. One out of seven Coloradans worry about where their next meal will come from.  42% of those served through FBR’s partner agencies are children.  “We’re hopeful that donations during the holiday season will put us on track with where we need be to keep up with growing demand and we’re incredibly grateful to all our donors who have contributed during continuing tough economic times,” says FBR CEO, Kevin Seggelke.

We had a blast (as we always do) with our media participants and friends at Natural Grocers.  Special thanks to all our media participants and to Natural Grocers and their customers for supporting Food Bank of the Rockies in our fight against childhood hunger.


Partnering with 70 Wild Animals

We do our very best at FBR to ensure that food is not wasted. There are occasions when we receive food that doesn't meet the standards for distribution to our agency partners. Rather than throw these items away, we recently partnered with the Indigo Mountain Nature Center out of Lake George, CO to pick up items such as meat, fish, pet food, produce, eggs just to name a few. The items they receive, not safe for human consumption, are perfect for the 70 animals housed at their amazing facility. Representatives from the nature center came today for their first pick up, which totaled 1,000 pounds!  They'll visit us every 2 weeks in the future.

Rather than food being thrown away, we now are proud to partner with bears, coyotes, wolves, felines and other fabulous creatures. How cool is that?  You can visit the Indigo Mountain Nature Center and see these beautiful creatures first hand!